MuseumRock Easy-Scapes

-A pool or garden without a rock feature today is not dissimilar
to a home without its landscaping...

- Ideal for Rooftop Gardens where weight is an issue.
- A must for every world-class indoor or outdoor pool.

(Overall dimensions are 15 feet x 8 feet x 11 feet)

Made from impact resistant fiber-reinforced fiberglass resin, this lightweight 24 piece instant waterfall kit forms a naturalistic rock and water feature, indoors or out.
Priced by the 24 piece kit and with more than a dozen colors to choose from, the MuseumRock Easy-ScapeTM can be easily cut with any angle grinder to snugly fit over or around your hydraulics (pumps, skimmer, supply lines, etc.) and accent lighting systems.  The seams are then blended by your subcontractor or by using our step-by-step demonstration video that comes with your order.